Merry Maids Make that Money

For some reason you need assistance cleaning your residence. You look through the phone book, and after careful deliberation, talks with friends, and fact checking on the interwebs you decide on an agency, and or a cleaning person and you setup a schedule for them to come over and clean your home.

This person you have just hired is to clean your home. Cleaning means that they will engage in removing dirt, filth, or unwanted substances from a specified area (I.E. your domicile.) They, as your employee, will be equipped with all the tools and paraphernalia required to do the job to your satisfaction. Upon the completion of the “cleaning” job, you can enter the specific area and say will finality that you home is clean.


Why, in the name of all that is holy, would you clean your house before your cleaning employee has a chance to work? I mean if you had no problem in removing all unwanted substances prior to their arrival, would you not just do that for yourself anyway?


At an average of $75.00 per monthly session, over a span of 10 years, you are paying $9,000.00 for someone to do something you are already doing for free. Granted that this person is spraying God knows what disinfectant and aerosol deodorants into the air, to provide you with, what Barbara Ehrenreich in her bestselling book “Nickel and Dimed” describes as the illusion of clean. Also granting that they are a nice person and you really want to give them $75.00 per month. But what about you?
Over that ten year span, you could purchase a host of cool toys and gizmos for $9,000.00. You could even, dramatic pause, put money down on a robot that will keep your home clean for life!


So I tell you as a friend, save your money. Do the right thing and get some much needed exercise by cleaning your home yourself. Or if you really feel the urge to relieve yourself of $75.00, the My Pocket Fund of Higher Wealth and Research is always in need of donations. Either save the cash, or save a new college grad.

An RVAMaverick creation.