US Man Executed For 6-Month-Old Son’s Slaying : NPR

US Man Executed For 6-Month-Old Son’s Slaying : NPR

So you can’t stand your wife. In my humble opinion, having seen many failed
relationships as a social worker, you don’t kill her, you leave the crazy
hooker. It’s not the child’s fault that
your wife really frosts your spark plugs.

A child is a precious gift.
They are a blank record on which the future can be shaped, and from which
history will be made. A child is not a punching
bag or worthless gewgaw that you can throw away when you get pissed at your
significant other. Killing that child,
means you killed a small element of the future.

I am not a proponent of the death penalty. However, with the crazy stuff going on in
Alabama lately, I have to agree that they made the right decision here. Taking this fool out of the social mix was a
good call. Granted that it’s the sixth
person they’ve killed, but in my opinion, it’s probably the one that balanced
the scales.

Yes I’m angry. Sue
me. Killing a child is definitely not

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