Two Florida Teens, Family Members Face Charges For Brawl Posted On YouTube

Two Florida Teens, Family Members Face Charges For Brawl Posted On YouTube Fox News

I am not saying that fights should be encouraged. It is wrong to intentionally harm someone
else, and adults should act as arbiters between children so that both can learn
proper values.

This being said, why are the police arresting the
children? Arresting the parents for contributing
to the delinquency of a minor, disturbing the peace and social ignorance is
alright. Arresting the children is just
stupid. When I was a kid, my mother
would say, fight your own battles. Learn
how to take a licking and keep on ticking.
Granted, that usually ended up in my having my ass handed to me, but it
was the principal of the thing.

Arresting the children just sends the message that handling
your conflicts is bad. These children
now know that they can fight, just take it to a back alley and make sure no one
has a camera. They know that YouTube is a
place for them to be monitored, so they won’t post their funny videos any
more. Most importantly, they know that
the police are big brother and that they will find you out, so privacy is dead.

Tot the police involved, go get a doughnut, have a cup of
coffee and leave the cat fights to the kids.
They are better for it, and can learn that fights are not the only
answer from their families. Keep in mind
Johnny Law, the adults were there. At
least the kids didn’t beat the crap out of each other unsupervised.

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