Meatball Soup: Mama Mia

I’m a fool for Italian food. If I see a dish that looks interest to me, I immediately have to look into it and try it out. Well Oh my Goodness, this soup is off the chanes! That’s my official word. Emeril Lagasse, that man who kicked it up a notch and made the word BAM a expletive of absolute enjoyment, has come up with the recipe for Meatball soup that is heaven in a bowl.

Get crushed tomatos, tomato paste, garlick, and your noodles of choice. Now start thinking spinach, fresh basil, Emril’s Escense, and Italian bread crums. Is your mouth watering? Don’t’ lie, I can see you drooling.

Wipe off your keyboard and head over to Food Networkand read Emril’s Meatball Soup recipe. If you don’t you only have yourself to blame.

An RVAMaverick creation.