Happy Holidays and Best Wishs for 2012

As I go into 2012 I stop and count my blessings. This year I have been blessed with good friends, good humor, decent health, and a fullly charged spirit. Friends you have stood by me during some rough spots, and I say thanks for being there when I needed you.
2012 will be a year of change. I resolve to make some alterations to my life that will possibly leave me happier and more prepared to take on what ever god has in store for me. I plan to keep you all in my thoughts and prayers, and I pray for you to have all of what you dream as your reality.

Be blessed my friends and remember:

The road is long with many a winding turn that leads us to who knows when and who knows where. But we’re strong … strong enough to cary on. Its not hades, its our future.

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