Neighbors find mail in trash

Residents in southern Richmond have been having problems with mail delivery for months now, but it all came to a head late last week when one woman saw her carrier lift up a trash can lid and throw all of the mail he was carrying inside.

I rarely, if ever, use mail boxes or the local mail carrier as I live a block away from a post office. When I receive mail, I take the time to thank my postal worker for his work, and hope that he’ll deliver my stuff again the next day.

I don’t usually think that he’ll throw my mail in the garbage. Granted that most of what I receive is junk mail, but the junk is my junk and federal law protects my rights to receive all the crap that’s coming to me.

I wonder what will happen with this case. Will he be caught, or will snow, sleet, and the dark of a dumpster continue to deter this worker from his appointed rounds.

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