Keep Your Hands to Yourself

“You’ve got to be desperate to steel from a blind person.” I heard this argument from someone and it confused me. Confusion came not so much that the morality of stealing from the blind is wrong, but that from the assumption that stealing from others is acceptable.

When I was a child at my mother’s knee, I learned that the penalty of theft was a blistered behind. The lesson was not that the blisters came more frequently if the target of my sin was someone less well off than me, but that the theft itself was not tolerated. If I wanted the cookie, I requested it. If I needed a dollar to ride the bus, I asked for it. Taking that which belongs to someone else was just not done, and by the time I reached five-years-old, I had that moral lesson so firmly entrenched in my skull that even today I check to see if anyone lost any money before I pick up what I find on the street.
When did the simple morality of theft change? Why is it acceptable to rob from the rich and give to the poor? Who are today’s protected classes? I am only concerned, as I would like to know if they deserve special consideration.
I still believe in equal equality regardless of your particular situation. Keep your hands out of my effects and if you cannot afford it, please do not’ take it. To miss quote Mr. Mackey, “stealing is bad … you shouldn’t steal.”

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A Love Riddle

Love is a virtue representing all of humanity’s kindness, compassion, and affection; and the unselfish loyal and benevolent concern for the good of another. Love may also be described as actions towards others or oneself based on compassion, or as actions towards others based on affection. According to William Shakespeare, “Love is not time’s Fool,” but it is often fooled by the misguided activities of the objects of one’s affections. You can love your whole family, or simply love your mother. You can love a favored pet, your Learjet, or just bask in the arms of another. Who or whatever you love, make sure that your love is returned. Wasted love is pain, and that should not be the name of your game. I find myself in love with a few people. My friends have one love, all due to their closeness and their caring for me. My family, as they have always looked out after me; consoling me and reassuring me that “All things have a possibility.” And finally the love that shall never be claimed as it is definitely in vain. I love one who I’ve never met. I’ve interacted with them, told stories about them, and consider them a good influence on my world. They keep me sane when times are crazy. They leave me focused, when the facts are hazy. I love them, and I know that I’ll do what it takes to help them when I have the ability. If you read this, feel free to guess. Is this blog post about you? The answer is probably not. 99.9 percent of folks won’t be able to guess who I mean. That one person won’t ever guess. And yes, I will obviscate if requested to reveal my secret. Remember friends, the best kept secret trusts only one persons with its existence. Shakespeare, William. (1609). “let me Not to the marriage of True minds.”

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The Casual Vacancy

The Casual Vacancy, perhaps the most hotly anticipated book of the year, will be published on 27 September and is set in a small town called Pagford, described by her new publisher Little, Brown as an English idyll “with a cobbled market square and an ancient abbey”. The story is set in motion by the unexpected demise of Barry Fairweather, a stalwart of the town’s parish council who dies in his early forties. Pagford’s chocolate-box façade hides a town riven with strife, and the struggle to replace Fairweather “becomes the catalyst for the biggest war the town has yet seen”, with “teenagers at war with their parents, wives at war with their husbands, teachers at war with their pupils,” the publisher said.

As a J.K. Rowling connoisseurI am quite interested in her next steps into the adult oriented book scene. I doubt that she’ll make it a lust ridden toss away novel, but then again as the book is not for children, she will be able to investigate her full potential as an artist of the printed word. Rowling has won many hearts over the years with her classic Harry potter, and I believe that she will be able to win as many hearts with her next novel. I do not usually purchase books, but this one I will buy as my affirmation of support for this talented female artist. Read more : from The Guardian.

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A Warrior’s Love Reality

By kevin White:

Roman maidens said come back with your shield, not upon it.
I have to wonder to they know how hard the fight is.
Do they honor it? Do they gather the strategy of tactics, the attention to details?
Or are they just hoping for another night’s romp with the sexiest male.

Great Caesar, Sun Tzu, can you hear me implore?
I ask for your wisdom, I’ve read the art of war.
I’ve met my commitment, and the battle is won.
And yet when I return, my victory goes unsung.

The maid said she loved me, I thought she spoke true.
She claimed her heart would break if I did not give her that boon.
But I returned with my shield, not on it as encouraged.
And it seems that her passion was just placed back in storage.

I talk to her, she fights me. I kiss her, she bights me.
I dare not go near her, for when in the kitchen she might knife me.
But even then its too late, I know twas best lost then to have loved.
I should have joined those brave ones and met our holey father above.

For then I’d have peace. I’d have my reward.
I’d have my name lauded, not blamed and ignored.
I’m just a man on a mission, to survive one more night.
God know’s I can make it. God knows I can fight.

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TV Vegitation

A man and his wife are sitting in the living room and he says to her, “Just so you
know, I never want to live in a vegetative state dependent on some machine. If that
ever happens, just pull the plug.”
”OK,” says his wife as she gets up and unplugs the TV.