Crime is down. My ass!

Style weekly, the magazine giving the cultural side of Richmond Virginia’s news, posted to twitter the following Tweet:

In the past two days I have received more than five police emergency alert text messages regarding criminal activity on or near the VCU campus. Now, I’m not saying that somebody’s full of doggy poop, but I call two armed robberies, two attempted robberies, a shooting, and a stabbing in only three days an increase rather than a decrease in crime.

Wake up editorial board! Don’t you know better than to let such bullshiz go out unsensered? Where’s the angry outcry for increased police protection. Where’s the call to arms for University administration to get off their collective duffs and protect their students?

Oh, I get it. Its all about the money baby. Don’t’ wanna step on the toes of one of the largest businesses in the city. Guess the student’s are not that important.

I’ll shut up and pay my tuition. I wont’ cause no drama. No one else will.

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