A Victim of the Government’s Shutdown

I don’t claim to understand everything about politics, but I do know stress. I know that stress can eat you alive making you crazy. That’s why I feel compassion for this house stenographer. It’s not her fault she went ape shit in front of her colleagues sounding off like a refugee from a T-Party religious boot camp.

See, she’s been under a lot of pressure. Her mind has been overwhelmed by the crap she’s had to write down over the past few weeks, and her pronouncements are only the results of the mental devastation she has had to endure. I hope the doctors give a lot of dictation in therapy so she can feel useful in the hospital.

As a side note, I had this mental image of her grabbing the gavel from the speaker, running around with a weird look on her face, whacking all the congressmen on the head with it. Think of that image while you listen to her rant and tell me you didn’t smile.

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