Blind Girl Helps Homeless Get Shoes

As a social worker, I have seen too many cases where people have to go without because they cannot afford to meet their basic needs. Reading stories about people who help the less fortunate reminds me that there is still a shred of humanity left in the world. This girl, who just so happens to have a vision disability, chose to overlook her problems to find shoes for the homeless. (/p>

(CNN) – For 13-year-old McClain Hermes, the inspiration to impact her world began in 2009, after her father showed her a magazine article about a shoe recycling program. “We decided (that instead of) recycling them, we would collect them and give them to people that needed them,” she says.

And with that, Shoes for the Souls was born and delivered 365 pairs of shoes that first year.

In the five years since, the Georgia teen and her father, Matt Hermes, have collected about 10,000 pairs of shoes for an Atlanta homeless shelter.

But what’s especially impressive about this middle school student is she does this despite the daily struggles life brings her. About the time she began collecting shoes, she developed vision problems that ended up with one of her retinas detached and her vision extremely limited in the other. She’s now legally blind, and doctors say she will be completely without sight in the next two to five years. Outside the comfort of her home, she oftentimes will need to use a cane.
CNN: Helping the homeless: one”step” at the time

As a blind person, I am very proud of this young lady. She is indeed inspirational and serves as proof that we the blind of the world can give back to society, making a difference for those less fortunate than ourselves. Good job! You rock!

2ND GRADER Tells Bieber to Grow Up

Justin Bieber, pop star and aspiring jackass, has been in the news for the stupidest things. Lately he has been involved in a house egging, association with drug users, and drunken drag racing. The 19-year-old singer is hell-bent on being wild and grown. His fans, are not amused.

Serafina, a second grader at Buckeye Central Elementary in New Washington, Ohio, wrote an open letter to Bieber. Her mother told FOX411 that Serafina has been a Belieber since the age of three, and started crying when she heard her mother and big brother talking about Bieber’s arrest for drunk driving.

Read more: 8-year-old Belieber’s open letter to Justin: ‘Why did you do it’? | Fox News

Serafina, I salute you. You are a child with a good head on your sholders, and your sentiments should be echoed by all the Beliebers around the world. Justin is rocketing out of control. He is not a good role model for you. Thank you for being brave enough to write this letter, and for being an awesome human being.

Patiently Silent

This is dedicated to the girl who changed my life. Thanks for being my friend. I could only wish we could be more.

I’m no knight in shining armor. I’m just a scholar with degrees. Armed with my whit, my charm, and humor I defeat my enemies. I will fight in any battle, I will never turn and run. I’m a soldier who is strengthened by your love and confidence. Yes, you’re promised to another, of this I am aware. Just know my precious darling, when he screws up, I will be there.

I will stop your tears from falling. I will change your frowns to smiles. It does not matter where he takes you, as I will walk nine thousand miles. And if things lead to violence, as yet they often do, I’ll let him taste my judo, my karate, Taekwondo. For now my love is endless, and yes my love is true. My love for you is fearless, and all that love is for you.

Right now I will stay silent. I will step back into the wings. I always will support you, no matter what life brings. For the longest time I hid my feelings, and you know the ones I mean. You know my rhyme and reason, you know from where I’ve been. Just like an angel you saved me, when my life was getting low. I was at my very deepest, more than that you’ll never know. A game brought us together, and none shall break us apart. My friend, I’m yours forever, and you are always in my heart.

I Gave At the Office

This poor fool got well and truly screwed. He thought he was going to help these ladies out by being a donor. Rather than just giving genetic material, he might have to donate child support payments for the next few years.

The Kansas Department for Children and Families filed the case in October 2012 seeking to have Marotta declared the father of a child born to Jennifer Schreiner in 2009. The state was seeking to have Marotta declared the child’s father so he can be held responsible for about $6,000 in public assistance the state provided, as well as future child support.

Marotta opposed that action, saying he had contacted Schreiner and her partner at the time, Angela Bauer, in response to an ad they placed on Craigslist seeking a sperm donor. He said he signed a contract waiving his parental rights and responsibilities.

And that’s, children, why you should always be skeptical about where your donations go.
Judge rules Kansas sperm donor must pay child support

Royal Earworm

So there’s this song that is a real earworm for me. Its catchy, its got a beet to it, and best of all, it is down to earth. As an >amateur musician, I am very picky about my jams. This song is off the chains.

What makes an earworm for me is simplicity. The lyrics need to be easy to remember, the music must be bouncing with syncopation, and the content of the song needs to be something that identifies with things that come to mind in an ordinary life. From this song, the second verse stands out.

My friends and I we’ve cracked the code.
We count our dollars on the train to the party.
And everyone who knows us knows,
That we’re fine with this, we didn’t come from money.

Now that I’ve hyped up the song, welcome to my new favorite earworm.

Find Lorde on Twitter: @LordeMusic. She’s got talent, and I think she’s gonna go far.