All About My New Job

On March 7, 2016, I started a new job working for the federal Government as a Defense Contract Administrator. This job is both mentally challenging and educational. While I am prohibited from discussing the details of what I do for Uncle Sam, I can say that it involves purchasing parts, pieces, and services to support the war fighter. My family has a history of military service, and it brings me pleasure to do my part in protecting the country.

So far I have had one temporary duty assignment, and been placed in a two-year training program that is training me to perform procurements at all levels. The big focus form my supervisor was that I am to remain fiscally responsible. I am not allowed to purchase overly expensive items, and the quickest way to lose my job is to accept gratuities for preferential treatment of a contractor. I have been trained to spot fraud, and generally protect the government’s money (I.E. your tax dollars) with my life.

Even though the job sounds complicated and full of pit falls with alligators ready to bite your ass off, it is a lot of fun. I work with a group of amazing people; I enjoy my job, and most of all I get the feeling that I am providing a valuable service. It is not my ultimate career goal, but for now, this job is just good enough to keep me happy and relatively financially comfortable.