Hankering for Hoe Cakes

All my friends know that I love to cook. I see it as my therapy, and a tasty way to exercise my creativity. I will cook anything, but some days I just want comfort food. I just want some fried chicken, Macaroni and cheese, Greens, and some Hoe Cakes.

Yes, you read that correctly, Hoe Cakes. They are deliciousness in your mouth. They are similar to pancakes, but can be eaten at any time of day and with any meal, or as a snack.

A cornmeal hoe cake, or hoecake, also known as Jonnycakes, is a sort of fried cornmeal flatbread – kind of like if you took cornbread batter and skillet fried it like a pancake. The inside puffs up like cornbread, while the outside gets nice and crispy from frying it in the oil. It’s the perfect companion to a mess o’greens, or for breakfast or as a sweet treat when drizzled with a bit of syrupp.

Personally, I prefer my Hoecakes to be sweet with a little bit of honey or molasses. Talking about them is just making me hungry. Here is a link for you, and join me with my favorite treat. Y’all ain’t tried nothing ’till you had these little darlin’s. And that’s real talk.

Deep South Dish: Southern Cornmeal Hoe Cakes

– Maverick

Fake Heinz Ketchup Blows Up.

I might just be the biggest fan of Ketchup in the world. It has its place on hotdogs, burgers, and maybe as an additive to other stuff in recipes, so if I purchase the stuff, I’d like to be sure that I’m getting the true brand. I’m a Heinz guy, and when I saw this, I immediately investigated my refrigerator for counterfeit goodness.

Officials discovered the fake ketchup factory after tenants complained about flies and rotten odors coming from another part of the 7,000-square-foot warehouse in Dover, N.J. They found thousands of plastic bottles labeled Heinz ketchup, many of which had exploded after being abandoned in the hot building.

What jackass thought that purchasing Heinz and rebottling it would be a profitable enterprise? I mean, hasn’t’ he or she ever heard the phrase “Crime doesn’t’ pay?” And leaving it in an un-air-conditioned area? Um, I wouldn’t want to be in there with all of those drunken fruit flies.

Come on man! If you’re going to commit a crime, take a page out of the ghetto. Counterfeit DVD’s, CD’s, or just try getting an honest job. Don’t’ insult that most valued staple of summertime cookouts.

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